Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Lazy Oaf Sales are one of my favourite things EVER
I love the brand so much (have done for many moons!) and their sales are always so generous
So here are a couple of items I picked up recently...

Splat Backpack, reduced from £55 to £33
I'd been eyeing up these bags for a while as I thought they looked a decent size for travelling
and with my Japan trip coming up in just 97 days... well I was just looking for an excuse to finally buy one
But I do think this is going to come in very hand for travels and my future education plans!

 The drawstrings of the bag are complete with these cute Mickey Mouse style hands ♥

There are still a few backpacks similar to this in the sale ranging from £12 to £20!
Check them out here, I'm tempted to get the leopard! 

Rosie O'Burger T-shirt, reduced from £35 to £18
I loved the T-shirt from the moment I set eyes on it, but since I'm trying to save right now
I just couldn't justify spending so much on a T-shirt and luckily my wait finally paid off with the sale!
Had I bought it full price and later seen it in the sale, I would have kicked myself so hard

I just love everything about this top, it's cute, funny and I guess slightly confusing
Which I think is a good representation of my interests haha, a match made in heaven ♥

Shop the Lazy Oaf sales here: Womenswear // Menswear
Does anything catch your eye?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Did you know, Cybercandy don't just stock snacks and sweets from around the world
They also have their own exclusive range, which includes some crazy yet delicious chocolates

Saturday, 28 June 2014


So much can happen in a week on Tomodachi Life
I've had weddings, break ups, children and octopus based beauty tips...